Why OMH?

People inspire, coffee talk inspires, ideas arise when we talk to others, throw the ball – and get one back. Good colleagues do not have to be the ones working on precisely the same thing as you do. With us, we are concerned that diversity and cohesion create the right environment and progress.

Since 2014, Oslo Media House has created the right environment for everyone who works within the broad concept of “journalistic industries”. Companies that assist authors in publishing at their publishers have also found themselves at ease here. Over the years, hundreds of players have used Oslo Media House as a meeting place, office or workshop. For example, Giutbok.no has built up its offer with assisted self-publishing from Oslo Media House. The booming industry publication Medier24 took its first steps in Oslo Media House, the establishment of Vio took place here. Not least, Digital Heads started their business on our premises – and they are still here. The Norwegian Writers’ Association has had its office in OMH.
Other companies, such as the trade press publication Oslo Business Memo, have been among the good “stayers” in OMH and contributed significantly to the concept, likewise the Oslo-based global news site Transit Magazine.

Organizations that make the world a better place also lived in Oslo Media House. Oslo Media House has inspired, facilitated traction assistance and input across age and interests, and ensured that there had been room for all sub-tenants to grow and develop. Be it startups with big ideas, hard-working freelancers, small and slightly larger companies have found themselves at ease and flourished in this environment.

Oslo Media House started in 2014 and held house at Skippergata 26 in central Oslo until spring 2019 when we moved around the corner to Posthallen in Prinsensgate. Unforeseen technical challenges at the new location have severely impacted the OMH’s ability as a facilitator of office space, meeting rooms and production studio for journalists, media innovators, publishers. Since the end of 2020, OMH is a digital-only activity. We now have to reconsider the position as a media production office, studio facilitator and physical meeting point for media people worldwide.